A lot of people like to treat their pets as their family. Hence, providing them with the best accommodation and diet is something that every pet owner wants to do.

One thing that every pet owner should know is that the only way to ensure your pet’s safety and good health is by feeding it good quality cat food.

Generally, Cats require a specific ratio of protein in their diet to maintain good metabolism.

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Cat foods are made using a specific composition of different ingredients that are compulsory for the health of your cat.

Hence, it is important that you are feeding your cat the right kind of cat food that is enough to fulfill its dietary needs.

However, choosing the best cat food for your feline can be a very confusing task. This is because the market these days is saturated with so many brands and types of cat foods.

All of which come with their own list of ingredients and quality type. On top of that, there is such a huge variety of cat foods available such as dry, grain-free, wet, whole vegetables and pate.

All of this makes selecting the right product quite a hectic task.

Every cat owner simply wants to gain trust in one cat food brand that they can buy their cat food products from.

4Health cat food is one of the best cat food brands available in the market these days.

4health cat food takes away most of the worries of the customers as it promises quality cat food for your cat which is packed with nutrition and energy.

Type of 4Health Cat Food

1. 4Health Adult Chicken Formula

The very first product on our list is the 4Health adult chicken formula.

Among the list of the healthy ingredients that are included in this cat food, the top five ones are Liver, Chicken broth, Brewers rice, and dried egg product.

The chicken composition in the food consists of skin, bone and the meat of the chicken. Chicken is a high source of proteins and the product is loved by cats mainly due to its high composition of chicken.

Other ingredients include chicken broth, which helps increase moisture in the formulae.

The broth is better than water as an ingredient because it includes proteins and nutrients. The liver is another healthy ingredient in the product.

The liver is high in Vitamin A which is a compulsory element needed for the good eyesight and fur of your cat. However, its intake needs to be monitored. One thing that might concern a few buyers is that the source of the liver is not mentioned by the brand.

Another thing that might concern a few cat owners Is that this product includes grain, which is said to be unhealthy for cats as it’s not easily digestible.

Other than this since the recipe is mostly liked by cats since it includes Chicken. The healthy ingredients that have been

  • The recipe is liked by cats
  • Includes alt of chicken which is a high source of protein
  • It is very affordable
  • Vitamin A and grain can be unhealthy for cats if fed in high amounts

2. 4health Grain Free Chicken Recipe in Broth

The 4health grain-free chicken recipe in broth includes a lot of fresh chicken.

The basic composition of this product is chicken liver and muscle meat, both of which include a lot of protein and nutrients. Other than chicken, the product also includes dried egg product as an animal protein source.

The dried egg product is either made from dehydrated waste from waste processing or human quality egg. Potato starch is included in order to thicken the gravy.

Furthermore, this 4health canned food also includes a touch of “natural flavor” which is an additive that has been made from hydrolyzed animal tissue. Guar gum is used to stabilized the formulae. Guar gum is a thickening agent made from guar beans.

Though this food is not cat food appropriate, but since it is found in a very small composition in the formulae, it should not be concerning.

The main sources of fat in this product are menhaden fish oil which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and sunflower oil which is a plant sourced fat.

Overall, the product is packed with minerals, vitamins and amino acids that make it extremely healthy and nutritious for adult cats.

  • It offers complete nutrition for your cat
  • Minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Includes omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the well being of your feline
  •  It is not liked by few cat breed

3. 4Health Turkey & Salmon Dinner

Next up on our list is the 4Health Turkey & Salmon Dinner, this product has been made using high quality ingredients, therefore, falls among the best cat food products that the brand has to offer.

The top five ingredients in this product are salmon, liver, turkey, turkey broth and dried egg.

All of these have been included in the recipe to ensure that your cat maintains a stable weight and does not lack any important nutritional components in its diet.

The composition of turkey in the product includes bone, skin, and meat of the turkey.

The broth is also made using turkey which helps to increase moisture in the formula. The liver is present in a small composition to ensure that Vitamin A toxicity does not become a problem.

Lastly, salmon includes a lot of valuable nutrients for your cat, however, salmon too has a low composition in the product as too much salmon can be unhealthy for your cat.

There are no unhealthy ingredients such as corn, zero wheat, and zero soy ingredients included in the formulae.

Overall, the 4Health Turkey & Salmon Dinner cat food offers a good balance of quality, value, and satisfaction. 

  • It is good for cats with dandruff
  • It includes an ideal blend of nutrients, nutritional supplements, and proteins
  • The taste is like by all cat breeds
  • Salmon can be unhealthy for cats

4. 4Health Grain Free Indoor Cat Formula for Adult Cats

The 4Health indoor cat food formula is another great choice for your cat as this product has a high protein content.

It is packed with grain free ingredients, which makes this product a healthy and remarkable diet for your cat.

The main ingredients in this cat food are chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), garbanzo beans and peas.

Chicken is a great source of energy for the cat. Peas are included as a protein source and these are also bulking agents of the cat food. The chicken meal consist of meat, bone and the dried rendered skin of the chicken.

Furthermore, the product includes probiotics that help to maintain a healthy composition of bacteria in the stomach of your cat. The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are a great source of protein that help to keep the skin and the coat of your cat shiny and healthy.

When all of these ingredients are consumed by your cat regularly, not only will it help your cat build muscle but it will also make the coat of your cat thicker and softer.

4Health All Life Stages Cat Formula is really liked by cats because of its good taste.

All that is required for the ideal wellbeing, a furry coat and better eyesight of your cat are two measuring scoops of this product.  

  • There are No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy Ingredients in the formulae
  • It tastes great with chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Good for eyes and heart health of cats
  • Not liked by every cat breed

5. 4Health Grain Free Whitefish, Peas & Potato With Real Turkey

Pleasing cats that are picky when it comes to their food is not an easy task. Most cats leave their food after one or two bites if they are not fond of their taste.

Each and every cat has its very own likes and dislikes when it comes to their food.

However, you can rest assured as this product not only tastes well but is also packed with healthy ingredients.

The very first ingredient of this cat food is white fish. White fish does not refer to a particular fish species.

It includes different species of white fleshed fish that are living in saltwater and freshwater.

The second ingredient on the list is fish meal which probably includes by-products of fish processing, consisting offal and bones. A small composition of turkey is also included in the product.

Dried ground peas are also included in the recipe in a big composition. These add to the fiber and carbohydrate content of the recipe.

These also help give the cat food its structure and shape. Other than this, it is not known that the egg product that is present in the cat food is made from waste product used from human food processing or human-quality eggs.

Hence, it is not easy to say how digestible it is. Overall, this cat food includes healthy ingredients and it tastes great as well.

  • It is a rich source of protein for your cat
  • The taste is liked by all cat breeds
  • Will help your cat grow soft fur and strong bones
  • Complete information regarding the products is not mentioned

What does 4Health Cat food claim to offer?

It is a little difficult to search for a detailed 4Health cat food brand since it is a private label brand.

There is a limited amount of information available by the Tractor Supply Company website regarding this brand and the products they are offering.

It is stated on the website that pets deserve the kind of cat food that includes the flavors they crave and the nutrition their bodies need.

This implies that meat is always the top ingredient in their products. It is also stated that 4Health products include minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids.

There is no wheat, soy or corn included in their products as these can be unhealthy for your cat.

You can find a variety of both 4health wet canned food and 4health dry cat food formulas.

You can expect 4health to provide your cat with human grade meat and good quality vegetables. All of their cat food products have been made to meet the nutritional needs of your pet cat.

A healthy composition of ingredients allows your cat to maintain a lean body and an active lifestyle.

In order to make the choice easier for you, we have listed and reviewed the best 4health cat food products that are available in the market these days.

All of the products mentioned are sure to provide your cat with healthy and safe food that will fulfill the dietary needs of your cats for the years to come. The pros and cons of each product are also mentioned.

Who makes 4health cat food?

A Company named “Tractor Supply” makes 4health cat food

Overall, is 4health a good choice? (Conclusion)

Overall 4health cat food is a great choice for your cats if you are searching for a budget-friendly alternative to grain natural food.

Though there are a few ingredients present in some of their products that are not the best when it comes to cat food.

However, the brand makes sure to include these ingredients in the very small composition. Hence, this should not be a deal breaker.

The 4Health wet canned food are the best products from the brand as these have low carbohydrate composition and combine organs and muscle meat without making use of any animal by products.

The dry cat food offered by this brand are less l=impressive as compared to the wet cat foods, but they too offer some good qualities.

Overall, the 4Health cat food offers affordable yet good quality products for your cats and hence is worth a try.