For me, the cat’s health is an essential part. I don’t want my cats to be obese and bulky, but yes, I want them active and healthy.

I was searching for different cat foods that give the right amount of proteins and other nutrients to my feline babies.

My search stopped when I came to know about Crave Cat food.

It’s complete and balanced nutrition for the cat.

And you know what it is 100% grain-free and has a high content of proteins and other nutrients. It gives the same diet to your cat as wolves, and other wild cats have.

I have researched a lot about Crave cat food and came to know that it is one of the best things that you can do with your cat by adding this in her diet.

This article will cover each and everything about this balanced cat food. I have tried my levels best to answer maximum possible queries of cat person regarding crave cat food.
Let’s start!

What is Crave Cat Food?

Talking about Crave cat food. It is one of the finest and complete diets that you can find on earth today.

It has meat-first, high protein, and grain-free recipes that make your feline friend healthy and active.

Well, Crave is a pet food brand that is launched somewhere in July 2017 by the famous American pet care company that is “Mars Petcare”.

Yes, you got it right. It is the subsidiary of the same company that is famous for manufacturing confectionaries like Snickers, mars, and galaxy.

Mars Petcare has always focused on the good well being of cats and dogs. They aim to provide natural food to cats and dogs that contribute to their growth and development.

That’s the reason they have launched Crave pet food that includes protein from a natural source with 0% chemicals and preservatives, which is the best thing I like about them.

Also, they have made sure their food is 100% grain-free, as grains are harmful to cats.

Since Mars Petcare is concerned for the health and well being of pets everywhere, So that’s why their pet food range is exceptionally affordable and accessible everywhere.

It means pet owners of any category can conveniently access their products and give yummy treats to their Cats on a daily basis.

Varieties Of Crave Cat Food

Like every other pet food brand, crave is also available in dry and wet cat food.

The best part about their wet and dry food variety is, whatever meat they are using in it, it’s from a real source. Let me remind you once more, Crave cat food is free from grain.

You will not find any soy, corn, or wheat in their cat food. All you will find is only and purely meat.

Crave offers a wide variety of dry and wet cat food meat like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, and trout.

Let me share with you some fantastic recipes for their dry cat food and wet cat food line.

In dry cat food line you can have:

  • Crave with Protein (meat source: Salmon and Ocean fish)
  • Crave with protein (meat source: chicken)
  • Crave indoor with protein(meat source: Salmon and Chicken)

In contrast to this, in wet cat food line you can have Paté from:

  • Chicken + Beef
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Salmon +Trout
  • Turkey
  • Turkey + Duck

This means you can daily give any yummy meaty treat to your little Cats.

Apart from meat, your little feline can have an extra dose of vitamins, and high quality chelated versions of some minerals and some probiotics that are healthy for their gut.

Crave Cat Food Recall History

Recalls are never defaming for any company. It shows how responsible a firm is towards its products.

In my opinion, the recall does not indicate that a company is manufacturing low-quality food. Instead, it shows that the company is concern about its products. Obviously, they are human beings, there are possibilities of some errors, but real courage is to stand and speak for those errors by recalling products.

Crave cat food has not had any history of recall yet. But yes if I talk about Mars Petcare, they have one instance of recall in 2016. The product line was about Wet Dog Food. But up till now, there isn’t any history of crave cat food.

This is the positive point about crave cat food, that they are so much concerned about your animals that even they don’t want to feed adulterated products to your little feline friends. This shows their responsibility towards their produced goods.

Crave Cat Food Review

Crave cat food has been manufactured by keeping in mind the natural diet of wild cats and wolves.

It has been manufactured under high quality and safety standards.

Not only this, it undergoes minimal processing just to keep the nutrients intact in the food. So that your pets can only get natural and wholesome food.

Overall there are nine different varieties of crave cat food out of which six are from wet cat food, and three are from dry cat food.
Let’s review them generally.

Crave Dry Cat Food Review

In the dry food category, Crave offers different flavors like chicken, a combination of salmon and ocean fish, and a combination of salmon and chicken.
If I talk about the one which has chicken only, here chicken and chicken meals are the primary sources of proteins with no by products.

Apart from meat ingredients, it has several portions of plant ingredients to pea protein and potato protein. It is high in protein with low carbohydrate and fat content, which is ideal and perfect for feline friends.

For salmon and chicken combination meal, chicken meal and salmons are the primary sources of protein. This cat food is targeted for indoor cats only.

It has low-calorie count and higher than average fiber content.

That keeps your cat’s gut healthy, reduce hairballs, and prevents obesity. This flavor of crave cat food has moderate proteins and low fat with high carbohydrate content.

Crave Wet Cat Food Review

Well, to me, wet cat foods are always the best food for a cat. Your feline friend will not feel thirsty at all.

Their wet cat food has ranges of chicken, Salmon, and Turkey.

It is purely made up of meat ingredients such as Salmon, Pork broth, Chicken Liver, chicken broth, and chicken heart. These are the main ingredients of wet cat food. Broths are used for moisture purposes.

Wet cat foods are the most appropriate type of food for the cat. Crave has one more beneficial thing for cats.

It has added fish oil in wet cat food that is the best source of omega-3s. Fish oil is an excellent source of fatty acid, which helps keep the fur and skin healthy and reduces inflammation.

This cat food is high in protein that is from real meat, low in carbohydrate that is ideal for cats and has a moderate amount of good fats.

Indeed crave wet cat food is the complete and balanced food that is required by your feline friend.

Customer Feedback

Happy are the customers who repurchased products and give feedback about them. If you searched on Google about crave cat food, you would find more than 80% positive feedback about it.

Cat parents are extremely happy and contented with the crave cat food. They say that it looks like good cat food with great color, smell, and ingredients.

Apart from this, the extra vitamins and minerals that have been added into the food play, great part in maintaining the health of Cat.

Not only this, some customers observe a positive change in fur quality of their cats as well.

Some cat parents who have aged cats and are worried about their grain free diet. For them, Crave cat food is a big blessing because it is entirely grain free with high protein and low carbohydrate content.

The best part that customers love about crave cat food is easily accessible.

There are lots of reliable and trustworthy websites that are offering free shipments and same-day delivery as well.

It’s all because of positive customer feedback that Crave cat food has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, which is super amazing.


Being a cat parent, it’s hard and quite tricky to choose one meal that is full of nutrition, and above all that is liked by the taste buds of your Cat.

In such a case, Crave cat food is a big blessing. It has all hose nutritions that are required by a healthy and active cat. Not only health, but it also works on the beauty and appearance of your cat, by making their coat thick and shiny and reduces the formation of hairballs.

Trust me, I feel a drastic change in my cats’ health and beauty when I switched them to Crave cat food.

It’s a food treat that every feline deserves because it is natural and has been manufactured keeping in mind the natural needs of cats.

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Moreover, Also leave comments if you have any confusion. I will Love to reply.