You don’t expect a cat to sit calmly and peacefully.

Cats are meant to do somersaults and bounces everywhere.

A cat is quiet and calms only when she is not feeling well. But an active cat with acrobatic movements points out that her digestive tract is healthy and perfect.

The same goes with my rescued cat Browny, a few months ago I felt some unusual changes in her lifestyle. I found out she has become lazy and lethargic.

I noticed that she is not taking her meals properly. And then I decided to start observing her deeply. And one fine day I came to know that she is eating unhygienic food from the garbage of my neighbors.

That was the reason her gut was upset, and she was getting lazy.

I searched about healthy and nutritious food that makes my Browny active again and there I came to know about this cat food.

I did extensive and deep research on nulo cat food and came to know that it is one of the best grain-free cat food that makes your feline friend active and move like athletes.

The best thing that I really like about nulo is, it is made up of high-quality ingredients that include superior quality of protein which is of the same grade as required by humans.

It is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, and colors.

And you know protein-rich foods are extremely important for feline friends.

Nulo is one of the best cat food brands which is not only a balanced meal for your feline friend but also a stress reliever for cat parents because what all cat parents want for their fur babies is a healthy and balanced meal, which nulo is providing.

Since I have read about nulo cat food in-depth, so I would love to compile and share my all information with worried cat parents. Hopefully, it may help someone.

This article will cover all relevant information about NULO cat food, which will be quite useful for you.

Nulo Cat Food

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Nulo came into being in 2009 by Micheal Land and Brett Montana.

The idea of forming a pet food company came into their mind when during their dog walking and pet sitting business, they encountered an unbalanced meal being given to pets.

This includes food with a high glycemic index and high content of carbohydrates. At that moment, they decided to start their own pet food company and manufactured the healthiest pet food with fresh and natural ingredients.

Nulo is an Austin, Texas-based company which has qualified and experienced Research and development team that include nutritionist, food formulators and veterinarians.

Every variant of pet food has been formulated after in-depth research so that it won’t harm your little cats.

From this, you can imagine how much Nulo is concern about the health and well-being of our fur babies.

Reasons to Choose Nulo Cat Food

Nulo cat food is the most rated cat food, which keeps your kitty healthy, energetic, and active. There are several reasons to choose Nulo cat food:

  • It is made up of the natural and real source of protein
  • It has high protein and low carbohydrate content
  • It has a wide range of wet and dry cat food
  • All recipes of Nulo cat food is grain-free and gluten-free
  • It has a low glycemic index
  • It is easily consumed by the cats
  • It keeps your cat’s gut healthy
  • It has patented probiotics BC 30   

Variants of Nulo Cat Food

Cat parents always look for a different variation of cat foods. Nulo makes both wet and dry cat food.

So that you can serve your cat different kinds of cat food every time. Above all, Nulo offers 100% grain-free wet and dry cat food.

Within these two cat food variations, there is a broad range of pet food series that is manufactured by Nulo.

This includes:

Nulo Freestyle Series

This series of cat food include both wet and dry cat food. It has high meat content with 0% grain in it.

Moreover, it has 83% animal-based proteins with ingredients that are low in carbohydrates, as Nulo believes that carbohydrates are the main cause of obesity in cats and kittens.

Freestyle cat food is suitable for kittens, adults, and indoor cats.

The recipes in the Freestyle range include:

  • Cat & Kitten Chicken & Cod Recipe
  • Indoor Cat Duck & Lentils Recipe
  • Adult Trim Salmon & Lentils Recipe

Nulo Medal Series

Like freestyle, this series includes kibbles, canned food, and pouches of shredded and flaked meat and the best part is, they all are grain-free and gluten-free.

Nulo medal series is for cats of all ages. Most kittens have food sensitivities, so for them, the medal series is perfect.

The recipes in the medal series range include:

  • Cat & Kitten Turkey & Cod Recipe
  • Adult Cat Chicken & Peas Recipe
  • Indoor Cat Duck & Cod Recipe

Nulo’s Limited Ingredient Diet

This series of cat food is ideal for cats with some kinds of allergies and sensitivities. It has Nulo’s patented ingredient that is Ganesan BC30 Probiotics, which keeps the gut of your kitty stronger and healthier.

This is the special limited ingredient that is part of this series.

Besides this, it has a 38% crude protein. Nulo’s L.I.D is made without carrageenan, corn or wheat soy and hence promotes lean body mass.

Perfect Purees

These are the lickable treats for your feline friend. They are pure and simple, with no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

These purees are high in moisture with prebiotic fiber that supports a healthy digestive tract.

The recipes in the perfect purees range include:

  • Cat & Kitten Beef and Sardine Recipe
  • Cat & Kitten Chicken and Salmon recipe
  • Cat & Kitten Tuna and Crab recipe
  • Cat & Kitten Tuna and Scallop recipe

Overall there are 23 different varieties of cat food out of which 12 are wet cat food, and the rest of the 11 is dry cat food.

Recall History of Nulo Cat Food

Product recalls are the sign of responsible firms. Fortunately, Nulo doesn’t have any history of recall.

The reason behind this is, Nulo follows strict quality and safety standards during the manufacturing process.

It doesn’t have its own manufacturing plant.

The dry food is manufactured by CJ food in Kansas and Nebraska, whereas the wet food is manufactured by Simmons pet food.

All the manufacturing facilities are approved by the USDA, FDA, and AAFCO. Furthermore, they follow strict quality and safety rules that’s make Nulo a very famous cat food brand.

Nulo Cat Food Review


It’s quite hard to write a review about Nulo cat food since its all product line is amazing and has awesome feedback.

So I decided to write reviews on the most running variant of Nulo cat food, which I have personally used and experienced.

Let’s have a look

Nulo Freestyle Chicken and Cod Recipe Review

Well, this one is one of the most demanding foods. It is a dry cat food ideal for cats and kittens.

Chicken is the primary protein source it with turkey as an additional source of protein. Usually, deboned chicken is used in the freestyle cat food series.

All these ingredients contribute to 80% of the protein source.

Overall the freestyle cat food has 27.3% carbohydrate, 48.5% proteins, and 24.2% fat. You can say that it has a high amount of protein with a moderate amount of carbohydrate along with low fat.

This kibble dry food is supplemented with probiotics that keep the gut of your feline healthy and stable. Moreover, it has omega 3 and 6 fatty acid that makes your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.

What I like about Nulo Freestyle Chicken and Cod Recipe

  • With probiotics that make gut healthy
  • With added omega 3 and 6 fatty acid
  • 80% animal protein source
  • Real animal protein
  • Ideal for obese cats

What Customer Says about Nulo Cat Food?

Customer feedbacks are the true reflection of product performance. In the case of Nulo, I am pretty much confident that you will hardly find any negative feedback about it.

Until now, I have read all the positive and happy customer feedback. Cat parents are extremely happy and satisfy with the cat food.

For a cat parent like me, who always tries to give the best and fresh food to his cats, Nulo cat food is a blessing.

Some customers find Nulo cat food really effective for certain food allergies that their cat has. And the best part is, it tastes so amazing that cats don’t like to leave a single kibble in their bowl.

Talking about me and my Browny as a customer, Nulo cat food revives that old energy in my fur baby Browny.

She is active like athletes and pounces everywhere at home. She is no more a lazy cat rather than a fighter and acrobat.


Cats need balanced and right food for proper growth and development.

Luckily Nulo is there to provide the right food to your cat. Nulo is one of the best cat food brands in the market.

They are popular for manufacturing protein-based food with 0% grain and gluten in it. Nulo is an ideal treat for cats with a sensitive stomach.

With no artificial ingredients and flavors, Nulo provides the optimum hydration and nutrition that your furball needs.

So like me, give your feline babies the right food that they deserve and see the changes.